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E-Visa Application

General Conditions:

1. Applications for Visit/Tourist/Family/Business Visa can be applied online through the website of Bahrain eVisa Service:

2. Requirements for the eVisa applications are as follows and should be scanned and attached thru the online application:

  • Passport Copy (bio data page)
  • Passport size photo (white background)
  • Guarantee letter of your stay from your sponsor/family member stating your  purpose of visit and place to stay (for applicants who have relatives in Bahrain)
  • Flight reservation ticket / Temporary Booking ticket (2-way ticket)
  • Copy of CPR ID / Residence Permit of your sponsor (for applicants who have  relatives in Bahrain)
  • Applicant’s bank certificate copy
  • Hotel Reservation (for tourist applicants)

3. Applicant should carefully read and understand the Conditions and Requirements of each type of visa.

4. Approval of e-Visa is under the authority and discretion of National Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain

5. Citizens of 66 countries below and of GCC states are eligible for Visa On Arrival:

Andorra Ecuador Lichtenstein Slovakia
Argentina Estonia Lithuania Slovenia
Australia Falkland Islands Luxembourg South Korea
Austria Finland Malaysia Spain
Belgium France Malta Suriname
Bolivia French Guyana Mexico Sweden
Brazil Germany Monaco Switzerland
Brunei Greece New Zealand Thailand
Bulgaria Guyana Norway The Netherlands
Canada Hong Kong Paraguay Turkey
Chile Hungary Peru UK
China Iceland Poland Uruguay
Columbia Ireland Portugal US
Croatia Italy Romania Vatican City
Cyprus Japan Russia Venezuela
Czech Republic Kazakhstan San Marino
Denmark Latvia Singapore

The General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs (NPRA) is the authority managing the entry of people to Bahrain.

Contact Details:
General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence.

Ministry of Interior
Tel. Nos.: 17399777  /  17399764
Calling hours: 7:30AM – 2:00PM
Fax No.: +973 17552681
Email: imra@lmra.gov.bh
Website: www.lmra.bh/

Note: Note: Applicants who will pay for their approved eVisa should bring the printed confirmation of NPRA from their email together with the payment and filled-up Visa Application Form and should set an appointment through sending an email at enquiry@bahrainconsulate.com.ph before visiting the Consulate.

Download the “Visa Application form” form here:





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